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JHDL® Development Release JARs and Release Notes


These development releases of JHDL are released internally periodically as JHDL develops. These releases may (i.e. WILL!) contain bugs, undocumented changes and/or added features. Use at your own risk! Be sure to read the release notes!

To install a JHDL jar, simply download the jar, then add it to your classpath. Again, be sure to read the release notes!!

Here are the Latest Release Notes

JAR Files

(In some browsers, you may need to SHIFT-click to download these.)

For JDK 1.3 and above (possibly works with JDK 1.2)

Documentation Jar files

Be sure to download new documentation with a new releases.

Download JHDL Documentation For JHDL Release 0.3.x or newer.

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